Welcome to the Feathering Quilt Shop!


Penny Hayes is the proud owner of the Feathering Quilt Shop. Her passion for quilting led her to this new business opportunity, which she opened in the fall of 2014. She has been living and working in the Dundas area for quite some time and she is a friendly, familiar face that you will not forget. Penny teaches classes, most importantly the beginner’s class. She has a humble, positive attitude towards teaching and makes the classes a whole lot of fun!


Helen is our talented designer, always coming up with the newest and coolest class projects. If you haven’t done one of her classes yet, you really should sign up! We promise you will learn so much!


Nancy’s love for fabric and brilliant smile has been a great addition to our store! If she isn’t helping cut fabric or ring in customers, you can find her assisting with the classes!


Barbara other wise known as The Bag Lady, teaches all of our amazing bag classes from wallets to purses to carrier totes. Her eye for detail is incredible and she is a great asset to the Feathering Quilt Shop.